Quick Service Oil Change and Repairs in Bedford PA

You know you need it.. and we know you don’t have time for it.. another oil change for your car. That is why Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford PA has lightening fast oil change services available. It’s easy.. give us a call. 

We will set an appointment that is convenient for you and boom… we’ll have you in and back on the road in no time at all.


Fast AND accurate Service in Bedford

Because ALL of our service technicians at Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford PA are factory trained master mechanics you can have confidence that not only are all of the repair services we provide are fast.. but accurate too! We will a provide comprehensive repair checklist with every service performed to let you know if there is anything lurking that you need to know about. Because we maintain your vehicle based in its individual manufactures guidelines. there are no pushy salesmen here trying to get you to buy service you don’t need…. EVER.

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Only the best

As a Valvoline Authorized Quick Service Facility you can trust that our factory trained technicians are using the best oils and lubricants for your car. Available in a variety of products to keep your car happy and healthy for the long haul. Combine that with the fact that we are a certified Napa Service and Repair Center and you can rest assured your getting the best service, parts at the best prices!

Make sure to talk with your service advisor about the advantages of each of our Valvoline and Napa products.


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