Fuel System

A lot of gas is wasted by Bedford PA vehicles in dirty fuel delivery systems. Let’s start at the tank. The gas tank gathers tiny amounts of dirt, rust and sediment over the years of driving around Bedford PA. That’s why there’s a fuel filter to clean the fuel after it leaves the tank. A dirty filter will rob the engine of the clean gas it needs to run efficiently.

What Causes Loss of Fuel Efficiency ?

The fuel intake components get coated with gum and varnish over time. This results in fuel being delivered inefficiently and some of that gunk getting into the engine. A fuel system service will leave your intake as clean as a whistle.

The big fuel thief is dirty fuel injectors. They deliver fuel to the engine at a specified pressure and in a particular spray pattern. When they’re clogged, the fuel doesn’t get atomized the way it’s supposed to and doesn’t get burned as efficiently.

See your owner’s manual or ask your friendly and knowledgeable Town Hill Auto Sales and Service for when fuel system cleaning is recommended.

When Automotive Experience in Bedford PA Matters

Fuel System - auto repair service in Bedford PAFor over 20 years Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford PA has provided our customers with superior service and value. 

From the beginning, Town Hill Auto Repair Service serving Bedford PA has been dedicated to next level service often including what other automotive repair service centers in Bedford PA charge extra for.

One thing that will never change is the Town Hill Auto Repair Service commitment to providing quality service In our oil changes as well as all other kinds of automotive repairs.  Our quality repair service has resulted in a loyal customer base that has kept coming back over the years; and it’s the Town Hill Auto Repair Service staff that keeps making the difference in that regard.  The fact that all team members are ASE Master Mechanics; factory trained on all makes and models is not just a coincidence… it’s our standard!

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